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Welcome to the New Zealand College of Midwifes Central Regions.

Our region supports hundreds of College members who are midwives, students, educators, consumers, and supporters. We aim to provide information, support, education and a community network.

About Us

"Support Midwives, Support Women"

Regional Team

Our team is passionate about our region and supporting our members.

Our regional chair is our representative and voice on a national level. We are always open to questions or suggestions of how we can communicate with and support our members


Our committees our made up of volunteers who are passionate and work hard to contribute to the region.

If you are interested in joining our team you can email them directly to find out more! We are proud of the hard work and achievements of our committees and are always open to fresh ideas and energy!


This a a repository for resources that you might find useful in the form of Links, PDFs and videos.

If you have any resources that you know your colleagues would find useful please email the website administrator and we can add them to this library.

Birthing Units

As a region we are lucky to have a number of amazing birthing units staffed by great midwives who support primary birthing.

They are happy to welcome you and show you around and will also be able to provide a second opinion or support if needed when you are supporting someone in labour.

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Email us at the New Zealand College of Midwifes Central Region. Or get in touch with our regional team.